The Building

Located within Aspire Zone, ADLQ will endeavour to eliminate drug use in all sports and uphold the Olympic ideals of fair play and sportsmanship. In the process we will make sport in all its forms fairer, safer and healthier for all stakeholders, foremost among them athletes.

This remarkably designed 3 storeys’ Lab is situated on a 10,000 square meter land, right across from Aspetar.

The ground floor hosts all administration staff and the Management team.

The 1st floor is dedicated to Anti-Doping testing only as this is the core business of the Lab.

The 2nd floor is available for the Qatar Analytics & BioResearch Lab (QABL).

The Life Sciences’ Research Lab is located in the third floor and is open to researchers who are working in similar fields.

Labs and Equipment

The Lab is equipped with cutting-edge technology and the most advanced equipment in the field.  In addition to a variety of Labs as work required, we have bed day wards for physiological, neurological, vascular and pharmacokinetic research on human participants in addition to Performance laboratory and Clean labs.

Work is under process to have a fully equipped gymnasium that will be necessary for some of the research and studies. And might be open for staff as well at a later stage.

If you wish to know more about some of the equipment in the Lab, please refer to respective Labs’ sections.


Given the sensitivity and importance of the services that the Lab is providing, it has been a priority to have the building fully secured.

Therefore, a strict security system is implemented to control access into the building and even within the different departments as this is an important part to have the Lab ready for the accreditation and receiving samples for testing.


The building also includes various Meeting rooms and Seminar rooms to serve the purpose of giving lectures and meeting stakeholders and partners constantly. The Lab also has a spacious dining area where staff can spend their Break Hour having a 5 star healthy lunch daily.